The Kingdom of Adalos shared close familial ties with Mercerose, and eventually was inherited by the heiress of Mercerose after a series of tragic demises wiped out a number of heirs before her. When Mercerose joined Old Retalia to form the Retalian Empire, Adalos followed suit. The title passed from the first Emperor’s wife to his heir, the Second Emperor of Retalia.

Adalos possesses 4 duchies.

DUCHY 1 has 2 counties.
DUCHY 2 has 2 counties.
DUCHY 3 has 4 counties.
DUCHY 4 has 3 counties.

The Emperor of Retalia also holds the title of King of Adalos.
Old Retalia contains one king, four dukes or duchesses, and eleven counts or countesses.

More information about duchies, counties, and respective rulers to follow.


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