The Kingdom of Ballantry suffered a bizarre fate before its annexation into the Retalian Empire. After every member of the royal family died, the kingdom fell into disarray and hovered on the brink of civil war. The Emperor of Retalia interceded under the guise of a neutral party seeking to mediate. Through unknown means he convinced three of the four duchies to recognize him as the rightful heir to the throne. The Emperor of Retalia inherited the title shortly after.

Ballantry possesses 4 duchies.

DUCHY 1 has 3 counties.
DUCHY 2 has 4 counties.
DUCHY 3 has 3 counties.
DUCHY 4 has 4 counties.

The Emperor of Retalia also holds the title of King of Ballantry.
Ballantry contains one king, four dukes or duchesses, and fourteen counts or countesses.

More information about duchies, counties, and respective rulers to follow.


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