Character Creation

Welcome to the Sea of Arrows.

Please make sure to check out the Rules page for a list of homebrew considerations.

Speak with me individually to discuss character backstory.

Steps for character creation:

1. Create a Mythweavers account and character sheet.
To do so, once you’ve created an account and logged in, navigate to the Sheets page (not the Old Sheets page), create a Pathfinder character sheet, and be sure to check “No” for the “Private Character” field. This way, you can share the link to your sheet with others.

2. Build your character at level 3, using 20-point buy. You may have 2000 gp to spend on starting equipment. Any Paizo content is allowed; third-party content can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Racial “traits” you get for being your race, from the corresponding race webpage, work normally. The Pathfinder Traits system is entirely separate from that.

3. Players may still select two traits of their choice from the Social or Racial trait selections. See the Traits page for more information on your trait choices.


4. You get five free skill points to place in any craft, profession, or knowledge skills of your choice. This replaces the free skill point per level initially granted because of Investigate.

More to follow.

Character Creation

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