The Kingdom of Nicadia originally resisted annexation into the Retalian Empire. Nicadia was often hostile toward the Kingdom of Risome, which prompted Retalia to invade after forming an alliance with Risome.

Nicadia possesses 8 duchies.

DUCHY 1 has 4 counties.
DUCHY 2 has 2 counties.
DUCHY 3 has 2 counties.
DUCHY 4 has 3 counties.
DUCHY 5 has 3 counties.
DUCHY 6 has 2 counties.
DUCHY 7 has 4 counties.
DUCHY 8 has 4 counties.

The King of Risome also holds the title of King of Nicadia, and is a direct vassal to the Emperor of Retalia.
Nicadia contains one king, eight dukes or duchesses, and twenty-four counts or countesses.

More information about duchies, counties, and respective rulers to follow.


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