Old Retalia

The original kingdom of Retalia is also referred to as Retalia, or sometimes Old Retalia or the Retalian Kingdom. The current royal family of the Retalian Empire originated from this kingdom.

Old Retalia possesses 6 duchies.

DUCHY 1 has 3 counties.
DUCHY 2 has 3 counties.
DUCHY 3 has 4 counties.
DUCHY 4 has 4 counties.
DUCHY 5 has 3 counties.
DUCHY 6 has 4 counties.

The Emperor of Retalia also holds the title of King of Retalia.
Old Retalia contains one king, six dukes or duchesses, and twenty-one counts or countesses.

More information about duchies, counties, and respective rulers to follow.

Old Retalia

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