Area: 160,200 sq. miles. [86,700 sq. miles arable, 73,500 sq. miles wilderness.]
Total Population: 12 million
Capital City: Highrose
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Demographics: Human Majority
Environment: Seafaring, Imperial, High Society, Metalworking, Militant

The Retalian Empire sits on the northern edge of the Sea of Arrows on the continent of Raigvell. Consisting of seven former nations, Retalia is the largest single civilization on the continent (excluding the Quemanni Nation). Of those former nations, four combined due as a result of marriages and inheritances, two were conquered, and one was absorbed when the local ruling family died out, leaving no heirs.

Retalia boasts a long coastline and a wields a powerful fleet. As Retalia sits deepest within the Arrow Sea, many other seafaring nations sitting between Retalia and the sea’s mouth are required to abide by and accommodate Retalia’s fleet.

Retalia is known for its productive industry, vast trade connections, sophisticated culture, and influential ruling class. The empire often exerts pressure upon its neighbors and allies, holding enough weight politically and militarily to dominate smaller nations. Retalian people are known for their senses of fashion (for better or for worse), their esteemed lineages, their skillful sailing, and for their prideful demeanor.

Retalia’s elite royal guard are known as the Efflorean Knights, a widely respected and feared force.

Retalia’s first Emperor died in the year 1017. His second son Feodé Rosslon Aernassus inherited the throne and married Pari Anissa Aernassus.

Retalian Former Kingdoms
Old Retalia


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