The Sea of Arrows

Welcome to the continent of Raigvell, to the Sea of Arrows.

A Mediterranean-style setting, this game takes places around the largest of two inlet seas, located within one of the many continents across this world. The Arrow Sea is surrounded on most sides by a varied collection of kingdoms, nations, city-states, and even an empire or two. A hotspot for commerce, travel, and prosperity, there are many different forces within this region vying for power, wealth and control.

Expect to find yourself adrift amidst political intrigue, social drama, riotous rebellions, and even dark plots. Perhaps you have what it takes to tip this world away from war and assassination … or to tip it right over the edge.

This campaign will focus on factions, nations, allegiances, and an ever-changing status quo. This campaign will also feature sailing, combat in a low fantasy setting, and a sincere effort to really integrate your character into the world, giving you a real history and nudging you into the overall plot.

That is to say, the plot doesn’t exist yet. This campaign and this world is still being fleshed out. As the character ‘role’ slots and the nations themselves grow and develop, the story will grow (and then change to adapt the character that you eventually submit!).

So for now, just take a look around and see if you like the world-building as it currently is.

Raigvell will take you to the main wiki page.

Retalia will show you the most fleshed out section, currently.

Sea of Arrows

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