The Great Bairwood stretches along the center of the Kingdom of Byrrhode, creeping across Chrome’s northern border as well. Laterally, the Bairdwood is almost 600 miles across, with its eastern edge leading north into a hilly strand of the Pyrs Mountains.

Many folk tales exist in nearby settlements concerning the dangers that lurk within the Bairdwood. A nearly primeval forest, the natural barrier has prevented any major roads from connecting the Crisean and Byrrish duchies of Byrrhode. Not only are the trees massive and overgrown, reaching amazing heights and girths the further one travels inside, but they say that the creatures within are abnormally large as well.

Hunters and woodsmen who are able and willing to come and go throughout the Bairdwood are few, but well known and respected as seasoned scouts. Bairdwood lumber is a chief export of Crisea, and ships constructed from the durable, plentiful material are expensive and reliable.

Another lucrative but more uncommon export from Crisea and also Byr are rare furs.

The Bairdwood is unnaturally warm for the area, as if the wood itself generates and insulates heat.


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