Note: Many of these deities reflect standard Golarian deities, but in some cases they are adjusted to fit in with this world’s lore.

The Voyager, Cayden Cailean (CG)
The Shepherd, Pharasma (N)
The Seer, Nethys (N)
The Warrior, Iomedae (LG)
The Healer, Sarenrae (NG)

The Scholar, Hectaviro (LN)
The Pirate, Besmara (CN)
The Reaper, Zyphus (NE)
The Fiend, Asmodeus (LE)
The Mother/Father, Gozreh (N)

In what we’ll refer to as the “common” pantheon, ten deities are considered mainstream. Some scholars of divinity have devised a ‘standard’ hierarchy, wherein five are considered benevolent and five are considered malevolent. This hierarchy also draws certain parallels; some say that pairs of these deities oppose each other, while others suggest that perhaps they are two sides of the same entity.

These opposed pairs are: the Voyager and the Pirate, the Shepherd and the Reaper, the Seer and the Mother/Father, the Warrior and the Scholar, and finally the Healer and the Fiend.

While some choose to view the differences between these deities as absolutes in black-and-white, others claim that no deity is entirely destructive or malevolent without purpose and function.

Generally, the preexisting deities follow normal lore, history, and domain rules. However the history is significantly altered by the fact that there is no Trial of the Starstone in this world; thus, each deity ascended by some other means, or were always deities.

There are other pantheons and other types of religions that are not poly-theistic. This is simply the most commonly accepted take on religion within the Sea of Arrows region.

Deities also are not considered the only beings of immense power that exist. Some elevate storied dragons, super-massive beasts, archfey, otherworldly cosmic beings, and some outsiders to deity-like status.


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