Dia Fleur
An eccentric cat burglar and associate of Kai’s. She claims to have kidnapped family.

An old monk who has taken vows of poverty and chastity.

An elven information broker, also proprietor of Viado’s Den.

Daedra Ulyss
Captain of the Sea Comet.

Reichter Pierce
A Vomese Knight of particular rank. He attempted to take the party into custody.

Parveti Ammerfis
Acclaimed alchemist and friendly acquaintance of Baster’s.

Pete Brewsmith
A black market fence and acquaintance of the party’s, within Viado. Gnome.

Victor Wol
A self-proclaimed mobster who runs the Sharkfin Syndicate.

Minor NPCs:
Pashma, Carmelo, Nikobo, Candra, Boma.


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