Area: 8200 sq. miles. [3472 sq. miles arable, 4727 sq. miles wilderness.]
Total Population: 492,000
Capital City: Doreas
Alignment: Lawful Good
Demographics: Intermixed
Environment: Landlocked, Rural, Theocracy, Horses, Exclusive


The Holy Kingdom of Chrome is ruled over by a joint-theocracy. Esteemed Divine Isaac du Lazar, who traces lineage back to the founding king of Chrome, leads the kingdom domestically, presiding over the social, financial, and traditional institutions of the realm. Sword-Queen Maire fé Delle acts as the standing queen, commander of the realm’s military, face of the country in foreign affairs and to all outsiders, and penultimate judge and arbiter of the faith.

Chrome is comprised of a single Duchy, one of four that historically comprise the kingdom of Byrrhode. 327 years ago, Byrrhode underwent an inheritance dispute which, among other things, sparked the first major wave of religious dissent within the particularly pious Duchy of Chrome. Led by the historically famous Duke Heric of Lazar, in two short years Chrome emerged the victor from a bloody civil war. In the three centuries since, Byrrhode and Chrome have gone to war no less than 7 times. Try as it might, however, Byrrhode has never managed to unite its forces and overcome the stalwart fervor of the Chromese people. The Lazar line has held the esteemed position of Divine ever since, although the kingship passed to another line, the Delles, 39 years ago.

Major Cities
Doreas (Capital)
Maltergo (Port)

Known Features
Imperial Highway
Great Bairdwood


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